Introduction to Social Network Analysis with R

Introduction to Social Network Analysis with R

Instructor: Michal Bojanowski (ICM, University of Warsaw, Poland)

The workshop is an introduction to network data and classical SNA methods using R. It is planned to be a good prerequisite for other R-related workshops, e.g.: 'statnet' workshops (ERGM and TERGM) and RSiena.

The first part of the workshop will introduce R itself. Participants will learn how to work with R interface, script files, data objects, and perform basic data manipulation, modeling and visualization tasks.

The second part will focus on working with network data using R packages 'network', 'igraph', and 'intergraph' and preparing network data for analysis with RSiena. The material will cover (1) manipulating network objects (2) working with node and tie attributes, (3) creating network visualizations, (4) computing various classical SNA descriptives using R.

The workshop is targeted especially towards people who have limited or no experience with R. There are no special requirements apart from:

1. Using R requires writing scripts in R language, be prepared to follow a discussion involving learning R syntax and commands

2. Bringing own laptop is not required, but encouraged to be able to follow various demonstrations.

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