People from companies show and explain how their products and services work.

Yersin group

Tuesday, 24th November · 2:40-5:35 p.m.

BIOTECON Diagnostics, GmbH: Molecular detection methods using real-time PCR for yeast and mold, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses in food

Bruker Española, SA: MALDI Biotyper in food microbiology. Rapid confirmation of pathogens under ISO certification

Condalab: Predictive microbiology: conventional methods and qPCR for Legionella spp. analysis

IUL, SA: How to automate industrial microbiology processes? Air samplers, dilutors, blenders, spiral plater, automatic colony counter and lateral flow readers

Wednesday, 25th November · 2:15-4:50 p.m.

GenoChem World, SL – HiMedia Laboratories, Pvt Ltd: New approach of industrial microbiology​

LGC Standards, SLU: Proficiency testing for traditional and molecular food microbiology. Confirmation of technical competence and error detection

Premiumlab, SL: The external microbiology laboratory as a support for self-control programmes in the industry​

Raypa: Automated preparation of culture media

Thursday, 26th November – Thanksgiving day · 2:35-5 p.m.

Bioser, SA: Importance of participing in proficiency testing programmes​

BioSystems, SA: Food analysis made easy

Thermo Fisher Diagnostics, SLU: Food safety and food protection: a global perspective

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