Welcome to the 1st European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN)

The 1st European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN, eusn@eusn.org) will be held at the Faculty of Arts, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) on July 1-4, 2014.

The conference will host sessions representing many fields of social network analysis. Also, 16 workshops are offered into the theory, data collection, methods of analysis and visualization of social networks. Professor Ulrik Brandes of the University of Konstanz will provide the keynote address "The Positional Turn in Social Network Analysis". At the conference, two prices for outstanding visualization and best paper of an early career scholar will be awarded. For more details about the program, please check the program.

This European conference replaces the annual ASNA and UKSNA conference in 2014, having received a regional conference endorsement by INSNA.

In this occasion the EUSN will pay special attention to Latin American researchers on social networks in order to foster the creation of a regional conference also in Latin America.

The EUSN is organized by the research group egolab-GRAFO (Social and Cultural Anthropology Department), with the support of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, the Algorithmics Group from the University of Konstanz, and the Laboratory of Personal Networks and Communities (LRPC), University of Sevilla. Other Departments and Institutes from the UAB that support the Conference are the Centre for Sociological Studies of Daily Life and Work (QUIT-IEE) of the Department of Sociology, and the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), among others.

The organization of the Conference has the support of the Agència de Promoció d’Activitats i Congressos (UAB).

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona this summer!

José Luis Molina and Miranda Lubbers



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