Please note that the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona is about 40-45 minutes of traveling away from the city center (35 min by train and 5-10 min walk). If you wish to stay in the center of Barcelona, it may be a good idea to choose a hotel close to the Catalonia Square ("Plaça Catalunya"), to minimize travel time. You can check tourist information for finding a place to sleep. The Hostal Grau for example is very central, close to the train station, and affordable. Alternatively, you can rent an apartment in Barcelona city.

For this conference however, we recommend you to find accommodation on the university campus. The Hotel Campus offers special fares for EUSN attendants (about €59 per night, breakfast included, please fill in this form). It is located about a 15 minutes' walk to the place where the conference will be held. Apartments within the campus are also available, and can also be shared by two persons. A special fare for EUSN attendants (€61,50 for one person, and €67,75 for two persons, breakfast included in both cases) is available by filling in this form. In case you want to share an apartment on the campus with other participants, we suggest to use this Doodle.

If you want to find a hotel that is not on campus, but close to it, you can check the S2 train route, choose one station and try to find a hotel near that station. One example: San Cugat del Vallés is one of the largest and most beautiful villages located between Barcelona and the university campus. There is a train that goes to the UAB (10 min) and to Plaza Cataluña (25min). Here are two hotels you can check: Hotel Sant Cugat and Qgat Hotel. Another option may be the Hotel AC Sant Cugat (Sant Joan station, nex to to the UAB) or the student's residence in Sabadell (about 10' by train in the same S2 line). Please be aware that hotel AS Hoteles Bellaterra may be geographically close to the UAB, but there is no connection by public transport , so please check other options.



How to get to Barcelona city center from the airport

The main airport "Barcelona-El Prat (BCN)" is highly recommended instead of Reus airport or Girona airport. From the airport El Prat you can get to the city center by bus, train or taxi. The fastest bus with a more frequent service is the Aerobus shuttle. It has a light blue color and there are bus stops at all the terminals of the airport. It runs between the airport and Catalonia Square, the "Plaça de Catalunya" (in the very centre of Barcelona). The travel time is about 35 minutes. There are 2 lines, the A1, which runs from Terminal 1 (T1), and the A2 from Terminal 2 (T2). The price for a one-way ticket is €5,90 and for a return ticket €10,20. Prices can change.

To go back to the airport from the city center, the "Aerobus" shuttle departs in front of "El Corte Inglés" (a big mall at the Catalonia Square). You will note that there are two separate queues for the A1 and the A2.


How to get to the Bellaterra campus of the Autonomous University (UAB) (and to Hotel Campus) from the city center

The best way to get to the UAB from the city center of Barcelona is by train with the "Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya" company (FGC), lines S2 and S55. The train departs from the underground station at the Catalonia Square, in Catalan the "Plaça Catalunya" (at the very center of Barcelona). You can enter the station in front of the Café Zurich, a large café at the corner of Catalonia Square that is closest to the Rambla. Please note that there are two entries to underground stations next to each other, one of them is for the FGC and the other for the metro. The correct one is indicated with the logo and above the stairs, you will see S2 and S55 indicated among the lines. The trip takes about 34-36 minutes, and a train departs every 10-15 minutes (depending on the time of the day). For time tables and further information, please check the pdf file at or the site (for the first box, select the lines "Barcelona-Vallès", then select the "Plaça Catalunya" as departure stations and either "Universitat Autònoma" or "Bellaterra" as arrival stations).

A one-way ticket to the UAB costs €3. It is higly recommend to purchase a T-10 ticket for 2 zones (€20,3) for 10 trips. The T-10 can be used for more than one person at the same time, simply using the same ticket as many times as needed for passing the barrier for entering into the train station.  Please do NOT throw away your ticket too early, because you will need it again to leave the train station when you arrive.

There is another train going to the University from the city center, from the national railway company "Renfe", which brings you to the station called "Cerdanyola-Universitat". However, we strongly recommend to take the FGC line instead.

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