Call for nominations

The Call for Nominations is now open for self-nominations for two awards. The winners will be announced during the EUSN 2014 conference.

1. The Award for Best Paper of an Early Scholar. The award is given to an early career scholar (max 5 years after completing the PhD thesis) in recognition of research on social network analysis. To be eligible, scholars must be registered in the conference at the moment of submitting the paper. The scholar must be the first (or sole) author of the submitted paper. The paper may be published or unpublished, but must have been completed in or after 2013. To participate, scholars should submit a paper (pdf file written in English) by May 1, 2014 to A letter of support should be submitted as well to the same address. Papers are evaluated by a committee based on the level of originality in the ideas and techniques, the possible applications and their treatment, and potential impact. The committee may arrive at the conclusion that none of the submitted papers merits the award. The monetary prize for the best paper is €500.

2. The Outstanding Visualization Award. This award is given to a scholar (or team of scholars) who present(s) an outstanding social network visualization - static or dynamic. This award is independent of career stage. To be eligible, scholars (or in case of a team, at least one of the scholars) must be registered in the conference by the time they submit the visualization. The participant(s) must be the author of the visualization and the visualization should either be unpublished or published in or after 2013. To participate, scholars should submit the visualization and a short accompanying explanation in English (max. 500 words) by June 1, 2014 to Visualizations can be submitted in jpg, png, mp4, mpg, gif, pdf, ps, eps, avi and mov format; the description should be submitted as a pdf file. Dynamic visualizations can also be web-accessible, either as a movie or as an interactive application. The visualizations are evaluated by a committee based on their design, level of information and visual appeal. The monetary prize for the outstanding visualization is €250. Some of the submissions may be displayed during the conference.

If you have any questions regarding the awards, please do not hesitate to contact

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