Accommodation at the UAB is fully booked

We regret to say that both the Hotel Campus and the Vil·la apartments are fully booked. Our recommendation is choose one station in the S2 train route and try to find a hotel near that station. One example: San Cugat del Vallés is one of the largest and most beautiful villages located between Barcelona and the university campus. There is a train that goes to the UAB (10 min) and to Plaza Cataluña (25min). Here are two hotels you can check: Hotel Sant Cugat and Qgat Hotel. Another option may be the Hotel AC Sant Cugat (Sant Joan station, nex to to the UAB) or the student's residence in Sabadell (about 10' by train in the same S2 line). Please be aware that hotel AS Hoteles Bellaterra may be geographically close to the UAB, but there is no connection by public transport , so please check other options.

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