Final Program of the European Social Networks conference - important remarks

The final program of the European Social Networks conference (EUSN) that will take place in Barcelona from July 1-4 is now online (updated!).

It now also includes the room numbers of all workshops and sessions.

For those of you who are planning to come to Barcelona, let us please remind you of some important things:

  • The campus where the conference takes place is about 40 min of travelling away from the city center of Barcelona. You will find travel information in the program from p. 44 onwards, please read it carefully. Do NOT throw away your train ticket too early, you need it again to LEAVE the station.
  • It can be really hot in Barcelona in July. All conference rooms have airconditioning, so it may be advisable to dress in layers. Also, drink a lot (of water...). Those of you who bring children to Barcelona are advised to keep them out of the sun on the hottest hours.
  • If you have registered, you will (have) receive(d) a receipt of your payments. However, if you need an official invoice, please contact with Beatriz Patraca over at as soon as possible (Spanish bureaucracy takes some time...).


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