Analysis of Multiple Networks with algebra and `multiplex´

Analysis of Multiple Networks with algebra and `multiplex´

Instructor: Antonio Rivero Ostoic (Aarhus University, Denmark)


`multiplex´ ( is a computer program written in R that is specially designed for the analysis of multiple networks with routines that combine algebraic structures like the partially ordered semigroup with the existing relational bundles found in multivariate structures.

Among the functions available in multiplex there is one that models the local role algebras based on the simple and compound relations of the network. Additional functions find the different relational patterns at the dyadic level in the network which can serve for a further analysis, and there is also a routine for the construction and analysis of signed networks through the semiring structure.

Another part of the workshop takes the attributes of the actors in the analysis of multiple networks and it considers different forms to incorporate this kind of information to the existing relational structures. In this case the network exposure of the actors can be taken in the context of multiple networks, or else the attributes can be embedded in the algebraic structures.

The methodology of the workshop is learning by doing, and it starts with a short introduction of the topic of social network analysis and multiple networks in particular. The participants will count with data sets that can be used as an example for the different functions. Naturally, each one is welcome to send or bring their own data sets to the workshop with the possibility to focus on particular research problems.

Language: The teaching language is English, but the instructor understands Spanish as well.

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