visone workshop

visone workshop

  Part I -   General introduction

  Part II - Network Ensembles


Instructors: Jürgen Lerner (University of Konstanz, Germany) & Uwe Nagel (University of Konstanz, Germany)


This is a hands-on introduction to visone, a graphically oriented software tool that combines comprehensive means for analysis with unique visualization capabilities. visone (ital.: mink) is written in Java and freely available from It features many standard and non-standard methods for analysis and visualization of networks, and a powerful graphical user interface. Some elementary knowledge of social network analysis is required for this workshop, and it is best to bring a laptop running Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

Part 1 (basic): After a brief introduction to its design and features, we will explore some of the core functionality of visone using exemplary network analyses; step-by-step from data input to presentation of results.

Part 2 (ensembles): In this part we show how to visually analyze ensembles of networks, i.e., sets of networks such as socio-centric networks associated with several organizations or the personal networks of several individuals.

Note that the two parts can be taken independently of each other.




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