Multilevel Networks

Multilevel Networks

Mark Tranmer (University of Manchester, UK) & Francesca Pallotti (University of Italian Switzerland / University of Greenwich, UK)

A (two level) multilevel network might be defined as a network of connections between individual units (level 1 network), a network of connections between level 2 units (level 2 network; where level 2 units could be aggregations of level 1 units), and possibly also a cross-level network of connections between the level 1 and level 2 units. In some cases, there are more than two levels of network. This session is about various aspects of multilevel networks, including summarising and modelling multilevel network data, and substantive examples of multilevel networks.

Topics for this session might include:
1. The kinds of inferences we want to make regarding multilevel networks
2. Analysing Multilevel Network Structure
3. Analysing Multilevel Network Dependencies
4. The types of multilevel network data that are available now
5. Methods for the collection of more multilevel network data
6. Empirical settings that are useful for developing and testing multilevel network models.

Note: This session is not about using multilevel models to analyse single level social networks. However, in some cases, where models are used to analyse the data, multilevel models may be useful for multilevel networks, and presentations would be welcome in this session where that is the case. In many other situations involving the modelling of multilevel networks, methods other than multilevel models may be used, such as Multilevel ERGMs, and other models, and presentations for those situations would also be very welcome, as would presentations on substantive examples of multilevel networks.

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