Networks and the Labour Market

Networks and the Labour Market

Oriol Barranco (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain), Mireia Bolibar (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain), Joel Martí (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain), Irene Cruz (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain) & Joan Miquel Verd (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain)

Since Granovetter’s seminal work on the importance of weak ties to find a job, the role of social networks in the labour market has attracted considerable attention. Later on, the importance of connections in the labour market outcomes and economic performance has been partially addressed by using the concept of social capital, despite its multiple meanings.

If you are interested in these questions, please consider submitting an abstract on any of the following topics, but not limited to them: Employment and social networks

  • Bonding and bridging social capital and finding a job
  • Social contacts and labour trajectories
  • Migrant populations and labour networks
  • Social status attainment and social networks
  • Social networking and job seeking
  • Social networks and informal economy
  • Networks and performance in economic markets


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