Belgian trench gun 1918 - 'The War Pictorial' August 1918


Aircraft of the Japanese army 1914-1918 (Library of Congress)


British gunners in the allied offensive in Picardie - Page 128 from The War of the Nations  Portfolio 1919 p.132


Woman enlisted in the 'Savage Division' of the Russian cavalry, July 1917 - Bibliothèque nationale de France



Kaiser Wilhelm II and his two sons reviewing the troops 1914-1915 - Library of Congress



Training of the British Royal Naval Infantry Division at the Greek island of Lemnos during the Battle of Gallipoli - The War Illustrated News 31 Juliol 1915



Costume 'poilu' (French soldier) during the Great War - Bibliothèque nationale de France



Mounted Algerian infantry at Nieuwpoort an Zee, Belgium 1915 - Wikimedia Commons



Albanian-Serb mountain men 1915 - Bibliothèque nationale de France



Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war attending a Catholic mass in a concentration camp - Instituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico



German soldiers smoking and reading (ca. 1914-1915) - Library of Congress



British tanks in Mesopotamia - Bibliothèque nationale de France