Registration and Submission of Proposals

NEW DEADLINE Call for papers November 15th, 2014

Welcome to the process of registration

Steps: Registration & Submission of porposals (link) + .Send the payment proof ( ) + Enjoy our Conference

1. Registration.

In case you are presenting a communication, symposium or just attending the congress you must fill in the following registration form

If you cannot open it, copy and paste the following link at your browser bar:

Once you have filled in the application form, a confirmation message will appear in your screen. Remember your registration will be complete once we have received your payment proof. Please send it to our email

Resolutions of communicacions and symposiums will be annouced by e-mail.

Thank you!

2. Submission of proposals.

ATTENTION: Abstract deadline is on 24th October 2014

Decisions regarding acceptance of communications and symposiums will be comunicated by e-mail.


    Symposia will have a maximum length of 90 minuts. The symposium coordinator is responsible of negotiating and organizing time slots (e.g. interventions, qüestions, discussion...). Each symposium can develop its own format (presentations, discussions,...) as long as long as the maximum length and questions for participants are respected.

    Contributions will be accepted in English or Spanish.


    Communications must have an estimated length of maximum 20 minutes. They will be accepted both in English and Spanish.

3. Thematic areas.

During the registration process you must specify which of the following thematic areas suits best to your contribution:

  1. Affect and emotions
  2. Analysis and Strengthening of Collective action and social movements
  3. Critical approaches in management
  4. Politics, Utopias and Dystopias
  5. Biomedicine, subjetivity politization and its power effects
  6. Embodied dissidence politics: Queer theory, Transfeminism, Heteronormativity, Functional diversity. LGTB
  7. Feminsm, Interseccionality, performativity & enactment
  8. Post-Colonial Perspectives
  9. Social Inequalities
  10. Social regulation, Public and private space control, homonationalism and necropolitics
  11. Technoscience, technoculture and technosubjects
  12. Theoretical, epistemological and methodological critical approaches

4. Registration periods.

There are early bird registration fees available for registrations completed before 5th of December 2014..

  • Unemployed. Send proof before 5 December: 0 €
  • Students: 90 €
  • Non students: 130 &euro

The registration period will remain open from 6th of December 2012 until the 12th of February 2013 at the following rates.


  • Students: 120 €
  • No sutudents: 160 €
  • Write to this address in order to formalize the inscription:

    Languages of the Congress: English and Spanish

    Each presentation will be given in the first language of the speaker concerned.

    For further information contact with Giazú Enciso at

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