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Mikel L. Forcada,
Universitat d’Alacant

New uses of machine translation in the translation workstation

Machine translation (MT) has now been with us for a long time. Over the years, translators have experimented with MT, and many have adopted it as a resource for their work. The incorporation of MT into the professional translation environment has depended largely on the possibilities offered by the various translation editing and management (TEM) systems, also know as computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. The speaker will present emerging uses of MT in TEM systems, such as interactive MT (at the subsegment level), MT-based repairs of partial translation memory matches and estimates of the quality of MT at the word level in partial matches.

Mikel Forcada is a professor for the Department of Computer Languages and Systems at the University of Alicante, where he teaches translation technology and machine translation modules, among others. He is president of the European Association for Machine Translation and one of the main researchers for Abu-MaTran, an international project aimed at increasing MT take-up among businesses to tackle one of Europe's biggest challenges: multilingualism. Mikel is also the founder and president of Apertium, a free rule-based MT platform that currently supports around forty languages.





Olga Blasco,
The Rosetta Foundation

Panorama 2020: which will be the most sought-after professional profiles in the translation marketplace?

In response to the global paradigm shift over the last decade, there have been rapid technological changes to achieve total connectivity, maximum automation, high productivity and non-stop service to clients. Small, medium and large translation companies are adopting innovative commercial and operational strategies to position themselves in an increasingly competitive market. What professional profiles do they need to make it possible now and in the future, and why?

Olga Blasco works as a consultant to help private companies and NGOs with business strategy for growth. She’s also part of the executive team at The Rosetta Foundation, an non-profit organization that connects over 13,000 volunteer translators with over 270 NGOs worldwide via a crowdsourcing platform. Olga brings 20 years of experience in the translation industry, where she has held leadership positions in Lionbridgeand Welocalize through mergers and acquisitions. She has successfully implemented complex service delivery models designed to sustain profitable scale in over 120 languages at a rapid growth rate of 10-30%. Olga now divides her time between Dublin, Istanbul and Barcelona.

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