They are given by Dr. Carol Ripollés Ávila, in the laboratory V0-160. Attendance of the three sessions (Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th) is required. Attendance is limited to 26 people per group. Different rapid methods are assayed and compared.

GUIDE (download PDF)

Wednesday, 23rd November · 9:15 a.m.-12 noon

  • Sample preparation and plating automated procedures: dilutors Smart Dilutor W and Dilumat, homogenizers Stomacher, Pulsifier, Masticator and Smasher, serial dilution systems Dilucup-Dilugent Shaker and Serial Diluter; spiral plater Eddy Jet 2W
  • Rapid viable cell count methods: Vitroids and LENTICULE discs (certified reference microorganisms); Petrifilm (plates and reader Advanced), DryPlates, Compact-Dry (plates and reader); Colilert-18, Enterolert-DW, Pseudalert and Quanti-Tray; NEO-GRID (hydrophobic grid membrane); SimPlate; colony counters SphereFlash, Quantica 500 and ProtoCOL 3
  • Method for enumeration by miniaturized MPN: TEMPO AC and EC

Thursday, 24th November – Thanksgiving day · 9:15-11:45 a.m.

  • Environmental control procedures: RODAC and Count-Tact plates; contact slides; samplers Spin Air, MicroBio and AIR IDEAL 3P; exclusive wipes premium
  • Chromogenic culture media: SALMA One Day, ALOA, ChromID Coli, ChromID EHEC, Baird-Parker RPF agar, Brilliance Salmonella agar (Oxoid Salmonella Precis method), Brilliance Listeria agar (Oxoid Listeria Precis method), Brilliance Staph 24 agar, Brilliance coliform agar, RAPID’Salmonella, RAPID’E.coli 2, RAPID’L.mono, IRIS Salmonella agar, COMPASS Listeria agar, Chromocult coliform agar
  • Diagnostic kits: API (kit and reader), RapID ONE, Microbact, rhamnose test, Microgen ID, EnteroPluri-Test, HACCP System Plus
  • Other environmental control procedures:
    • bioluminescence: MicroSnap
  • Immunological detection methods:
    • immunoprecipitation: 1-2 Test for Salmonella
    • lateral immunomigration: Singlepath, VIP Gold, Reveal 2.0 for Salmonella
  • Method for enumeration by miniaturized MPN: reading of TEMPO AC and EC

Friday, 25th November · 9-11 a.m.

  • Diagnostic kits: O·B·I·S·, ID membranes
  • Other environmental control procedures:
    • ATP – bioluminescence: luminometers Clean-Trace, AccuPoint Advanced, MVP ICON and EnSURE Touch
    • colorimetry: Contam Swab, FLASH, Clean Test, InSite, AllerSnap
    • others: BioFinder
  • Sample analysis automated procedure:
    • colorimetry: multiparametric analyser Y15 (lactic acid, ethanol)
  • Immunological detection methods:
    • confirmation by latex agglutination: Microgen latex, Oxoid latex test
    • lateral immunomigration: Reveal Q+ for aflatoxins and for DON (kits and reader Raptor), Reveal 3D for allergens (milk), AllerFlow gluten
  • Molecular biology (methods other than PCR): Molecular Detection System (MDS)
  • Reading: rapid viable cell count methods, environmental control procedures, chromogenic culture media, diagnostic kits, immunological detection methods
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